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Building Location SSROC (Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils Inc.)
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The Board of SSROC comprises two councillors delegated from the following member councils:

Bayside Council, Burwood Council, Canterbury Bankstown Council, City of Canada Bay, City of Sydney, Georges River Council, Inner West Council, Randwick City Council, Sutherland Shire Council, Waverley Council, Woollahra Municipal Council.

These councils are also entitled to nominate two additional councillors as alternate delegates.

Bayside Council
Delegates: Cr Bill Saravinovski, Cr Ed McDougall

Burwood Council
Delegates: Cr John Faker (SSROC President), Cr George Mannah
Alternates: Cr Ernest Chan, Cr Heather Crichton

City of Canada Bay
Delegates: Cr Angelo Tsirekas, Cr Marian Parnaby
Alternates: Cr Charles Jago, Cr Michael Megna

Canterbury Bankstown Council
Delegates:  Cr Khal Asfour (SSROC Junior Vice President), Cr Clare Raffan

Georges River Council
Delegates:  Cr Kevin Greene, Cr Kathryn Landsberry

Inner West Council
Delegates: Cr Darcy Byrne, Cr Rochelle Porteous
Alternates: Cr Lucille McKenna, Cr John Stamolis

Randwick City Council
Delegates: Cr Lindsay Shurey, Cr Anthony Andrews
Alternates: Cr Carlos Da Rocha, Cr Kathy Neilson

City of Sydney
Delegates: Cr Jess Miller, Cr Christine Forster
Alternate: Cr Robert Kok, Cr Craig Chung

Sutherland Shire Council
Delegates: Cr Kent Johns (SSROC Senior Vice President), Cr Jack Boyd
Alternates: Cr Ray Plibersek, Cr Daniel Nicholls

Waverley Council
Delegates: Cr John Wakefield, Cr Dominic Wy Kanak
Alternates: Cr George Copeland, Cr Marjorie O’Neill

Woollahra Municipal Council
Delegates: Cr Peter Cavanagh, Cr Nick Maxwell
Alternate: Cr Susan Wynne