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On 27 August 1986, Sutherland Council called a meeting to express its concern with regional planning mechanisms being imposed on local government without consultation. Elected representatives from Rockdale, Hurstville, Kogarah, Marrickville, Canterbury and Sutherland Councils attended the meeting.

A discussion paper prepared by Sutherland Council stated:

“The need for a regional organisation of councils in the Botany Bay region has never been more apparent.

“The Botany Bay region has much of its employment tied up in declining sectors, and has a disproportionate share of hazardous and offensive industry. It has some of the lowest environmental standards in the metropolis and serious social problems.

“The only way these problems will be addressed is through effective lobbying at the State and Federal levels.”

The six Councils in attendance resolved to form the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils to represent those at the meeting, as well as Bankstown, Botany and Randwick Councils.