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Affordable Housing Advocacy

Affordable housing is a significant issue for most SSROC member councils. The affordable housing challenges of low and moderate income households, key workers and knowledge economy workers in the SSROC area are perhaps unparalleled in NSW. During SSROC member councils’ workshops on strategic priorities for the Central and the South Districts, affordable housing was identified as a key priority. Affordable housing has also featured as on SSROC Ordinary meetings with view to identify feasible and viable options for affordable housing for SSROC councils.

An SSROC Affordable Housing Working Group was established in June 2016, by the SSROC General Managers’ Forum, following SSROC Housing Session held in February 2016. The working group identified key priorities, including to contribute and influence, through advocacy, the embedding of affordable housing mechanisms in the Central and South District Plans and to develop affordable housing position paper for SSROC member councils.

 The Working Group worked with Dr Judith Stubbs & Associates to develop Affordable Housing Submission to the Greater Sydney Commission. The Submission which is going through processes of endorsement by SSROC member council delegates, is supported by three evidence base background reports. The reports are:

Background Report Part 1: Demographic & Housing Market Analysis

Background Report Part 2: Planning and Economics in Priority

Background Report Part 3: Planning & Economics in Selected Precincts of the Sydenham-Bankstown Corridor