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Street Lighting Improvement Program

SSROC established and oversees the Street Lighting Improvement Program to implement the recommendations of an extensive review of street lighting undertaken by its members.  There are currently 30 councils participating in the Program, ranging from southern Sydney through to the Central Coast and Hunter.  Collectively, the 240,000+ street lights in the participating councils’ jurisdictions constitute over 95% of Ausgrid’s street lights and councils pay more than $67m per year for street lighting services and energy.

Key areas of progress to date include saving councils more than $60m over three regulatory pricing reviews, securing deployment of more than 87,000 energy efficient street lights with recurrent savings of millions of dollars per year, securing reform and increased funding for the NSW Traffic Route Lighting Subsidy Scheme, and securing improved street lighting maintenance and information provision for councils.

The main issues that councils are seeking progress on include:

  1. Public Lighting Code Compliance and Improved Governance Arrangements Councils want to ensure that Ausgrid moves to full compliance with the NSW Public Lighting Code, secure NSW Government support for necessary revisions to the Public Lighting Code and secure a more appropriate governance regime for public lighting.
  2. Pricing and Pricing Oversight – Oversight of street lighting pricing has in recent years passed to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).  Councils want to ensure that their interests are properly considered as the pricing regime evolves and that they can make well informed representations to the AER in future pricing decisions.  The 2019-2024 AER pricing review has commenced and councils are seeking to address the over-valuation of legacy street lighting assets, pricing that is above efficient cost recovery and address a lack of transparency in street lighting pricing models.
  3. Improved Technology – Councils are seeking the adoption of modern lighting that is robust, effective and more energy efficient.  Agreements already secured include adoption of LED lighting as the default lighting type for residential and intermediate roads.  Trials of LED lighting on main roads are underway and trials of smart controls are to shortly commence. These changes will result in progressive improvements in the quality of lighting and in compliance with current Australian Standards.  If fully deployed, changes already agreed with Ausgrid will reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50% compared to the point that LED deployments started in 2013.  To date, more than 35,000 LEDs have been deployed as well as 52,000 CFLs prior to that and thousands of high pressure sodium lights on main roads with intelligent power supplies.
  4. Progress Grant & Other Funding Sources – Councils have secured agreement with Ausgrid on the use of new technology and are working to secure further changes.  To accelerate the deployment of these new lights, councils are seeking financial support from NSW and Commonwealth Government programs that offer greenhouse credits, grants or low interest loans for energy efficiency initiatives.

The SSROC SLI Program is an active participant in the IPWEA Street Lighting & Smart Controls Programme.  This two-year programme involves high-level government engagement to secure policy reform, developing industry standard documentation and a comprehensive education programme. (

For more information on the SLI Program, please contact Program Manager, Graham Mawer on 02 8966 9444 or