Welcome to the website of the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC). SSROC is an association of 11 Sydney councils serving large and diverse communities, working to address the challenges and fully utilise the opportunities of metropolitan living.

Member Councils

The SSROC Board

The Board of SSROC is made up of two councillors, or Delegates, from each member council, usually the Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Each year, the Board elects the SSROC Executive, which comprises a President and two Vice Presidents, and the chairs of the two SSROC Committees. The Board meets quarterly and sets and monitors the annual work plan for the organisation.

The Secretariat

Under the leadership of the General Manager, a team of staff undertakes the work of SSROC. The Secretariat initiates and chairs Working Groups of council staff based on the needs identified in the SSROC work plan, and also makes use of consultants for specialised work that is outside the expertise of the permanent staff.


SSROC Executive

The three members of the SSROC Executive are elected each year by the Board at the Annual General Meeting. The President chairs the quarterly Board meetings, carries out any representative duties, and in consultation with the other Executive members, makes policy decisions between meetings.

The Senior and Junior Vice Presidents deputise for the President when required, chair the SSROC Committees and participate in Executive decision-making.

Cr John Faker

SSROC President, Mayor Burwood Council

Cr Khal Asfour

SSROC Senior Vice President, Mayor Canterbury-Bankstown Council

Cr Susan Wynne

SSROC Junior Vice President, Woollahra Council

SSROC Constitution

Constitution of the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils


The Board of SSROC comprises two councillors delegated from the following member councils: Bayside Council, Burwood Council, Canterbury Bankstown Council, City of Canada Bay, City of Sydney, Georges River Council, Inner West Council, Randwick City Council, Sutherland Shire Council, Waverley Council, Woollahra Municipal Council.
These councils are also entitled to nominate two additional councillors as alternate delegates.
We are awaiting updated information on new Delegates from some Councils.
As this information is received, the site will be progressively updated.

Bayside Council

Delegates: Cr Christina Curry, Cr Scott Morrissey
Alternates: Cr Ed McDougall, Cr Greta Werner

Burwood Council

Delegates: Cr John Faker (SSROC President), Cr Heather Crichton
Alternates: Cr Ned Cutcher, Cr George Mannah

City of Canada Bay

Delegates: Cr Angelo Tsirekas, Cr Michael Megna
Alternates: Cr Stephanie Di Pasqua, Cr Charles Jago

Canterbury Bankstown Council (updated)

Delegates:  Cr Khal Asfour (SSROC Senior Vice President), Cr Clare Raffan
Alternates: Cr Bilal El-Hayek, Cr Rachelle Harika

Georges River Council (updated)

Delegates:  Cr Nick Katris, Cr Kathryn Landsberry
Alternates: Cr Colleen Symington, Cr Benjamin Wang

Inner West Council

Delegates: Cr Darcy Byrne, Cr Jessica D’Arienzo
Alternates: Cr Marghanita Da Cruz, Cr Pauline Lockie

Randwick City Council (updated)

Delegates: Cr Philipa Veitch, Cr Alexandra Luxford
Alternates: Cr Dylan Parker, Cr Christie Hamilton

City of Sydney

Delegates: Cr Linda Scott, Cr Yvonne Weldon
Alternates: Cr Sylvie Ellsmore, Cr Shauna Jarrett

Sutherland Shire Council

Delegates: Cr Carmelo Pesce, Cr Hassan Awada
Alternates: Cr Kent Johns, Cr Carol Provan

Waverley Council

Delegates: Cr Paula Masselos, Cr Elaine Keenan
Alternates: Cr Ludovico Fabiano, Cr Tim Murray

Woollahra Municipal Council

Delegates: Cr Susan Wynne (SSROC Junior Vice President), Cr Mark Silcocks

SSROC Annual Report


SSROC has two Committees to oversee its work in key areas. The Committees meet quarterly and are chaired by the Senior and Junior Vice Presidents. The areas of responsibility are:

Program Delivery Committee

Asset Management
Public Works
Waste Management
SSROC Financial Reports

Sustainability Program Committee

Regional Planning
Environmental Management
Transport Planning and Management
Community Development

Working Groups

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