In recent months and weeks, several local and international operators of Dockless Bike Share are already operating or proposing to operate in the SSROC region. Several councils are scrambling to respond to the opportunities and challenges, including developing a policy and regulatory response. The SSROC Secretariat and the Traffic/Transport Infrastructure and Planning Working Group are exploring the options for an SSROC regional approach.

Dockless Bike Share operators such as oBikes, ReddyGo, Ofo, oBikes and Mobike have launched and are operating thousands of share-bikes in the SSROC region. The operators are approaching individual councils regarding operating their services in the council area. As bike riders do not necessarily take consideration of local government area boundaries during their trips, council officers believe that the same set of rules for the SSROC region would be more effective and eliminate confusion for both Dockless Bike Share operators and share-bike riders.

Following a request from Randwick City Council, and after consideration of the increasingly important emerging challenges of Dockless Bike Share, the SSROC Secretariat convened a forum that was attended by the SSROC Traffic/Transport Infrastructure and Planning Working Group members and other relevant council staff on 26 October 2017. The forum was attended by 10 of the 11 SSROC member councils. The forum reviewed Dockless Bike Share operations in Sydney, councils’ concerns and discussed a proposed response.

Tony Lehmann, Randwick City Council shows two examples of dockless bikes

A Dockless Bike Share sub-group was formed at the forum and subsequently met on 31 October at the SSROC Secretariat. The sub-group will engage with Dockless Bike Operators in Sydney on issues, concerns, their expectations of councils, operators’ responsibilities to manage the service, and council and community concerns.

The subgroup will also review the collaborative initiative of the City of Melbourne, City of Port Phillip and City of Yarra that recently led to a joint Memorandum of Understanding with dockless Bike Share operator, oBike, and will review other approaches, making recommendations to the SSROC General Managers and SSROC Delegates.

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