Our Member Councils

SSROC comprises of two councillors delegated from each of our member councils. The councils are also entitled to nominate two additional councillors as alternate delegates.

Further information and statistics are available here

Our member councils are:

Bayside Council

Delegates: Cr Christina Curry (SSROC Senior Vice President), Cr Scott Morrissey
Alternates: Cr Bill Saravinovski, Cr Joe Awada

Burwood Council

Delegates: Cr John Faker (SSROC President), Cr Heather Crichton
Alternates: Cr Ned Cutcher, Cr George Mannah

City of Canada Bay

Delegates: Cr Michael Megna
Alternates: Cr Stephanie Di Pasqua, Cr Charles Jago

Canterbury Bankstown Council

Delegates:  Cr Bilal El-Hayek, Cr Clare Raffan
Alternate: Cr Khal Asfour

Georges River Council

Delegates:  Cr Sam Elmir, Cr Elise Borg
Alternates: Cr Peter Mahoney, Cr Nick Smerdely

Inner West Council

Delegates: Cr Darcy Byrne, Cr Philippa Scott
Alternates: Cr Marghanita Da Cruz, Cr Pauline Lockie

Randwick City Council

Delegates: Cr Philipa Veitch, Cr Alexandra Luxford
Alternates: Cr Dylan Parker, Cr Christie Hamilton

City of Sydney

Delegates: Cr Linda Scott, Cr Yvonne Weldon
Alternates: Cr Sylvie Ellsmore, Cr Shauna Jarrett

Strathfield Council

Delegates: Cr Karen Pensabene
Alternate: Cr Sandy Reddy

Sutherland Shire Council

Delegates: Cr Carmelo Pesce, Cr Hassan Awada
Alternates: Cr Kent Johns, Cr Carol Provan

Waverley Council

Delegates: Cr Paula Masselos, Cr Ludovico Fabiano
Alternates: Cr Elaine Keenan, Cr Tim Murray

Woollahra Municipal Council

Delegates: Cr Richard Shields, Cr Susan Wynne (SSROC Junior Vice President)
Alternate: Cr Sean Carmichael