SSROC Contracts

SSROC’s Procurement team manages multiple diverse contracts on behalf of its members and participating councils that contribute to sustainability and the health and wellbeing of local communities across the region. 

Contract NameReference End Date Extensions remaining
Banking Products & Services B18 SSROC 30/06/2025 0
Advanced Waste Treatment SSROC T2011-5 30/06/20262 yrs
Tree Maintenance Services SSROC T2016-03 28/02/2025 2 x 1 yrs
Line marking SSROC T2017-01 30/11/20253 x 1 yrs
Plants & Trees & Associated ServicesSSROC T2017-04 27/11/2025 3 x 1 yrs
Bush Regeneration Services SSROC T2017-07 27/11/2025 3 x 1 yrs
Mattress Collection and Processing Services SSROC T2017-09 30/04/2025 0
Stormwater Management Ancillary Services (including Gross Pollution Trap  Cleaning) SSROC T2018-02 25/03/2024 0
HVAC Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning SSROC T2018-05 26/08/2024 0
Horticultural Soil and Turf – Turf Renovation Services – Categories 1 & 3 SSROC T2019-0131/12/20242 x 1 yrs
Horticultural Soil and Turf – Turf Renovation Services – Category 2 SSROC T2019-01 30/11/20240
Fire Services SSROC T2019-02 25/08/2024 1 yr
Resource/ Carbon Accounting System SSROC T2019-03 30/06/20270
Hygiene products and services SSROC T2019-04 15/12/2024 0
Plant and Equipment Wet Hire (PA Collaboration) SSROC T2019-05  
31/08/2024 0
Road Vehicle Brooms, Brushes and Spare Parts SSROC T2019-06 31/12/2024 1 yr
Civil, Construction & Demolition Waste and Recycling Services SSROC T2019-07 14/05/2025 1 yr
Clean Up, Receival & Processing of Municipal MaterialSSROC T2019-08 31/07/2027 3 x 1 yrs
Road Signs and Traffic Control Equipment SSROC T2020-01 31/05/2025 0
Pest Control Services SSROC T2020-02 18/07/2024 1 yr
Stationery and Associated Products (including Copy Paper and Office  Furniture) SSROC T2020-06 09/02/2025 1 yr
Feral Animal Control Services SSROC T2020-08 02/08/2024 1 yr
Paving the Way Sustainable Pavements Road Construction Material &  Related Services SSROC T2020-09 30/06/2024 3 x 1 yrs
Print, Distribution, associated products and services SSROC T2020-10 22/03/20251 yr
Chemicals and Associated Products for Aquatic Centres SSROC T2021-02 30/09/2024 2 x 1 yrs
Code of Conduct Auditors SSROC T2021-03 16/06/2024 1 yr
Agricultural Products, Equipment and Associated Services SSROC T2021-04 30/09/2024 2 x 1 yrs
Asbestos (Response & Disposal of Illegally Dumped Asbestos) SSROC T2021-08 30/06/2025 2 x 1 yrs
Ready Mixed Concrete SSROC T2021-09 28/02/2025 2 x 1 yrs
PEERS3 Supply of Electricity to Small and Large Markets including Public  Lighting, Renewable Energy and LGCs. SSROC T2021-12 1/11/22 to 31/12/26 4 x 1 yr
Hardware, Protective Workwear, Industrial Footwear SSROC T2022-04 14/09/20262 x 1 yrs
High Pressure cleaning ServicesSSROC T2022-0922/12/20253 x 1yrs
Provision of Temporary and Permanent Staff – Agency, Vendor Systems and Managed ServicesSSROC T2023-0121/02/20273 x 1 yrs

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Current SSROC Contracts as at 12 January 2022

Contract NameReferenceEnd DateAvailable Extension
Advanced Waste TreatmentSSROC T2001-530/6/275 yrs
Agricultural Products, Equipment and Associated ServicesSSROC T2021-0430/9/242 x 1 years