Woodlawn EcoPrecinct Waste Facility

On behalf of (then) 8 member councils, SSROC managed the procurement of a residual waste processing service which resulted in the delivery of the waste treatment facility at Woodlawn EcoPrecinct and a supporting transfer station at Banksmeadow providing a rail link between Sydney and Crisps Creek, south of Goulburn.

In 2008, the councils started out with a vision for a better way managing residual waste than landfill.  It took almost 10 years of work by SSROC and the councils, and then by the preferred supplier, Veolia Environmental Services, to overcome many challenges.  Banksmeadow Transfer Station and Woodlawn treatment facility began operations in 2018.

Although subsequently affected by the revocation of the resource recovery order and exemption that regulated the use of the compost-like material from the facility, Veolia continues to adapt to the changing regulatory requirements.  The Woodlawn Organic Output (WOO) is being used in a trial as rehabilitation material for a former tailings dam on the site, and the facility itself has been adapted to accommodate food and garden organics to produce compost.