(Acting) General Manager

Helen Sloan

The General Manager provides advice, leadership, and organisational management and ensures the delivery of the workplan. She manages major issues and projects relating to structure, management, infrastructure and inter-regional programs, and is responsible for all negotiations with the State and Federal Governments and Ministers.

SSROC Secretariat Managers

SSROC Secretariat Staff

Program and Communications Officer 
Sarah Hunt

Office Manager
Natasha Anderson

Executive Assistant 
Colleen Stretton

Strategic Procurement Projects Officer
Mala Manisegaran

Strategic Procurement Administration Assistant
Emily Pu

Senior Internal Audit Consultants
Umayal Sivanandan

Bindu Matthew

EPA Funded Waste Avoidance
and Resource Recovery Staff

Regional Strategic Coordinators, Resource Recovery & Waste
Justin Bonsey
Jennifer Gustafson
Waste and Resource Recovery Project Officer
Annie Walker
Waste and Resource Recovery Community Educator
Louie Leung
Mei Li Quah